A WebuildNY Vacant Home Grant from RebuildNY, offers one-of-a-kind options for owners and/or heirs of vacant properties. Under the terms of the Grant, the organization provides interest free funding and construction services to renovate qualified vacant houses to significantly increase their value. Owners get the benefit of getting paid the current value of the property plus 50% of the net profit when it is resold based on the after renovated sales price. Additionally, under the terms of the Grant Agreement owners and/or heirs have the right of first refusal to purchase the property back. By exercising this option owners and/or heirs gain the benefit of a renovated house and their 50% increase in newly gained equity.
Many vacant homes have challenges such as squatters, title issues, violations, heir/heirship challenges and more. For recipients of the WebuildNY Vacant Home Grant the organization provides access to many pro-bono services including; lawyers, title companies and real estate professionals.
This is a privately funded program and is not indirectly or directly tied to any government agency or program. Owners have no out of pocket expenses. Funding and eligibility are limited, and Grants are issued at the sole discretion of the organization on a first come first served basis. Not all properties or owners are eligible. Properties must be located in designated areas of the lower New York Region to be considered.
To learn more about the WebuildNY Vacant Home Grant you can call: +1-347-417-3190. You can also complete the form on this page and your area Homeowner Advocate will contact you.

About the Organization

Prior to the pandemic the organization was primarily focused on offering assistance for homeowners facing foreclosure. With foreclosure moratoriums now in place, the organization has shifted its financial and organizational resources to address the surge in vacant properties fueled by the pandemic. To learn more about the organization click here. Review our Better Business Bureau record here. We’re proud of our A+ rating and our hundreds of verified reviews without a single complaint.

WebuildNY Vacant House Grant