T he Vacant Important Property initiative offers a wide range of pro bono services to assist in selling a vacant house. Most vacant houses are vacant for a reason! There are usually challenges that make it difficult to sell a vacant house. Many are in foreclosure and/or have no equity. Some may be illegally occupied or have title challenges. Shockingly, many owners of vacant houses do not even know they still own the house. There are many myths, such as filing bankruptcy automatically meaning an owner no longer owns their house or a house with a reverse mortgage is owned by the bank. These myths are misleading and can cost owners money. To find out if you still own your home, go to sharprealtysolutions.com. If you inherited or own a property with a reverse mortgage, go to sharprealtysolutions.com to confirm the legal owner.
Our mission is to convert vacant houses to valuable and vibrant homes. Help us help you! Team members are standing by; call +1-347-417-3190, Click here to text us!, chat or complete the form on this page.

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