I f you own or inherited a vacant house, sharprealtysolutions.com will pay you top dollar to sell it. Through its Vacant Important Property (VIP) initiative, the organization purchases and renovates vacant houses, revitalizing communities throughout the lower New York region. The initiative helps owners of vacant houses, local governments and municipalities, community leaders and concerned neighbors eliminate the risks posed by vacant houses.

The new VIP initiative became effective January 1, 2021. Through VIP, owners of vacant houses are offered financial and other incentives to sell, in addition to the purchase price. For properties in distress, such as foreclosures, short sales, reverse mortgages or estate sales, the initiative offers pro-bono services and assistance grants to make it easy for owners to close, get paid and receive their VIP financial incentive payment.
Our mission is to convert vacant houses to valuable and vibrant homes. Help us help you! Team members are standing by; call +1-347-417-3190, text Click here to text us!, chat or complete the form on this page.
RebuildNY.com will donate $1,800 for every vacant property purchased through the VIP program.

Vacant Important Property,  “VIP” Initiative